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Last Updated: 06-27-2017

Michael Barile

BadNixie.com LLC

MOD-SIX_SLW ( Six Letter Word) with random auto generated word display!

Wired GPS PS2 connector and accompanying firmware is standard on all new MOD-SIX’s

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The MOD-SIX_7971 is our 4th generation MOD-SIX that builds upon prior releases and now introduces the unique ability to display user configurable Six and/or Four Letter Word displays along with GPS disciplined Time and Date, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature. MOD-SIX_ SLW accesses our extensive on-board database of six and four letter words and allows the user to configure the clock to display these and the other standard parameters at a desired interval and duration. There has never been a direct drive B7971 Nixie clock, or any other Nixie clock for that matter, that  offers such an amazing feature set!

The new high power RPTR-NEX, with integrated GPS module, and extensive onboard word lexicons is responsible for time synchronization, temperature monitoring, humidity reporting, and transmission and distribution of 4 and 6 letter words to be displayed on MOD-SIX.

NOTE: RPTR-NEX is necessary for word display option.

MOD-SIX with standard bookends option displayed on an auto generated 4 letter word.

Optional remote control FOB

MOD-SIX with ‘Grunge’ Font selected  (one of many to choose from) displaying the time.

MOD-SIX_SLW with RPTR-NEX works like this:

  1. 1.GPS Signal is received by external GPS antenna and integrated GPS receiver module in RPTR -NEX.

  2. 2.GPS Data string along with temp, barometric pressure, and humidity (measured by built in sensors on the RPTR-NEX circuit board) are processed by the RPTR and transmitted wirelessly to MOD-SIX CPU RF Module.

  3. 3.RPTR-NEX also transmits randomly chosen 6 and 4 letter words from it’s onboard lexicons to MOD-SIX which are then received by the RF Module built into the MOD-SIX CPU board.  Words are then displayed according to user configurable settings on the MOD-SIX.

*    NEW Auto generated user configurable 6 and/or 4 letter word displays ( requires RPTR-NEX)

*    NEW Multiple word lexicon selection options with user selectable display routines

*    NEW RPTR-NEX w/ integrated GPS module + Barometric Pressure, Humidity, & Temp Sensors    

*    NEW Optional FOB for remote control of all clock functions (can be paired with multiple clocks)

*    NEW Multiple user configurations for ambient low light conditions- Unique feature in the Nixie world!

*    NEW two independently programmable ON/OFF timers - most have one, at best!

*    NEW 1/2” thick aluminum clock base plate w/all stainless hardware

*    RPTR-NEX can be located 50-100 feet from clock and drive multiple MOD-SIX’s

*    1/4” thick custom machined Acrylic clock enclosure

*    Elegant fade-in/fade-out illumination feature for neon NE-2 colons --UNIQUE among all Nixie clocks

*    Standard hardwired GPS PS2 connection port (conventional GPS puck not included)

*    Rotary encoder user interface - no awkward floppy switches to fumble with

*    Extensive display font catalogue - UNIQUE among Nixie clocks!

*    QUIKSET time-set feature, most require multiple menu steps to access!

*    Gold Standard Maxim DS3232 RTC time base for unprecedented accuracy, even without GPS!  

*    Tube life timer to track the life of your precious B7971’s

*    Built-in Tube Segment test function

*    Automatic Daylight Savings Time compensation, -- no need to remember to switch manually

*    Highest quality Stainless Steel fasteners and hardware make this device SHOWPIECE quality!!