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This version of MOD-SIX is o-v-e-r

However, all will be supported indefinitely


until the support staff kicks the bucket


Introducing the NEW

MOD-SIX_7971 GEN V Nixie Clock System

with the new wireless

RPTR-OLED and TimeLink


Last Updated: 12-24-2018

Michael Barile

BadNixie.com LLC

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  1.       NEW  Ziggurat stepped one-piece billet aluminum machine-finished base for unequaled beauty and stability.

  2.       NEW ‘RPTR-OLED’ receiving station w/interactive OLED Display, 4/6 letter WORD generator, selectable Time Sync out,  integrated GPS, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, Temp , and real  GPS coordinates.

  3.        NEW TimeLink receiver drives other manufacturers GPS capable Nixie clocks-TTL/RS-232 selectable.

  4.       NEW MOD-SIX Clock firmware adjustable in 1/16 seconds to align MOD-SIX with other mfg clocks.

  5.       NEW PIR Motion Sensor device functionality with associated firmware delay setting.

  6.      Auto generated user configurable 6 and/or 4 letter word displays ( requires RPTR-NEX at least).

  7.      Multiple word lexicon selection options with user selectable display routines.

  8.      Optional FOB for remote control of all clock functions (can be paired with multiple clocks).

  9.      Multiple user configurations for ambient low light conditions- Unique feature in the Nixie world!

  10.      Two independently programmable ON/OFF timers - most have one, at best!

  11.      RPTR-OLED can be located 50-100 feet from clock and drive multiple MOD-SIX’s.

  12.      1/4” thick custom machined Acrylic clock enclosure.

  13.      Elegant fade-in/fade-out illumination feature for neon NE-2 colons --UNIQUE among all major Nixie clocks.

  14.      Rotary encoder user interface - no awkward floppy switches to fumble with.

  15.      Extensive display font catalogue - UNIQUE among Nixie clocks!

  16.      QUIKSET time-set feature, most require multiple menu steps to access!

  17.      Gold Standard Maxim DS3232 RTC time base for unprecedented accuracy, even without GPS!  

  18.      Tube life timer to track the life of your precious B7971’s.

  19.      Built-in Tube Segment test function.

  20.      Automatic Daylight Savings Time compensation, -- no need to remember to switch manually.

  21.      Highest quality Stainless Steel fasteners and hardware make this device SHOWPIECE quality!

RPTR-OLED with interactive OLED display and selectable time sync output +

WORD Generator for MOD-SIX’s

TimeLink receiver-user selectable for TTL or RS232 clock inputs

Rear facing TRS PIR jack on the right and Rotary Encoder User Interface on the left

Third party GPS enabled Nixie clock driven by TimeLink receiver. Click the image below to see the TimeLink in action on YouTube.

Please review the list below for the exciting new features in this release: 

This is our 5th generation limited edition MOD-SIX system which builds upon prior releases and introduces the unique ability to drive other GPS disciplined Nixie clocks using our new TimeLink device and RPTR-OLED. The new TimeLink receiver plugs into any third party GPS-capable Nixie clock with either an RS232 or TTL input and then receives Time, Date,  and GPS Coordinates served up by the RPTR-OLED receiving station. RPTR OLED’s Time Sync output is now adjustable in 100ms increments  so any variations in time sync a third party clock electronics may exhibit can be easily corrected. And of course RPTR-OLED drives all your MOD-SIX’s with our compliment of parameters; 4 and 6 letter WORD Display,Time/Date/GPS coordinates, Barometric Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature. The new MOD-SIX/RPTR-OLED firmware is now accurate to the second compared to NIST. However, the clock firmware can be adjusted in 1/16 seconds and thereby matched up with any correction chosen on the RPTR for the other manufacturers clocks.

Click the image below for a video of MOD-SIX GEN V and the RPTR-OLED in action: