The “MOD-SIX_Magic” Nixie

This one-off design is built around the prototype electroincs for the Carl Ott/Michael Barile MOD-SIX_7971. The Mod-SIX Magic sports a custom-built all aluminum case built by me, and in the center of it all is a beautiful EM-71 Magic Eye tube. The driver circuit for the EM-71 was designed by Jürgen Grau of Mr Nixie Fame and the MOD-SIX software was ‘hacked’ a little by Mr. Ott to give me the square wave out I needed to operate the Eye at the right speed. I've always wanted to build a Nixie Clock incorporating one of these gorgeous emerald green beauties from the past so now I have gotten it out of my system, however, i do have 3 more of the little gems and a rough idea for another design!


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